Hello! I am Pablo Cabrera, since I founded PISOBOX 4 years ago, I have helped together with my colleague Elena Dominguez and other collaborators more than 100 clients to develop the global communication and marketing strategy that they needed with the aim of getting their property as close as possible for both sale and rent.

I believe that when the customer is clear about what sales objective he wants and knows that digital marketing can be the great ally to get to sell or rent his property, he has half the way earned. The other half is a thing of our working methodology. And we love to apply it always when the client wants to update the same digital level, because one thing we already have clear is that the old real estate system does not work and that the big showcase is on the internet.

I confess that the greatest reward our team has had in all this time has been when we have received thank you emails after performing and executing an Action Plan on a property and seeing the fantastic results.

And now that you know something about us, will you let us know you?

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